Our current generation grows up striving for success in a highly competitive society that focuses mostly on the past rather than the future.

We play as children and it continues throughout life; on stage as actors or musicians, in the art studio…. In society we are puppets playing our roles in the theater of the absurd, an incomprehensible state of existence.

Kurtag composed “Games” while thinking about how children spontaneously play the piano like a toy. “They experiment with it, caress it, attack it and run their fingers over it.”

We are exploring the notion of child play in a dysfunctional capitalist society of simultaneous overwork and unemployment, while enjoying the freedom of merely playing.

Our characters and vivid imagination are a result of our attempts to reflect, explore and understand our truth in this world.


Performance: July 1st 2019 Angela Burgess Recital Hall,

Royal Academy of Music Piano Festival

Pianists: Leona Crasi, Kira Frolu

Artwork, Costumes: Andrea Christoudulides

Set Designer, Animation: Simone Schiefer

Curated by Belle Chen





Further notes:

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